Hi, my name is Daniel Bejarano and I develop high quality game audio content. I enjoy designing sound for video games and I am also fascinated with the implementation process with all the technical challenges that come with it. 

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition and Classical Guitar. Then, I was awarded with a scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in Sound and Music for Interactive Games at Leeds Beckett University in England, where I had the opportunity to be mentored by recognised game audio professionals such as Richard Sevens, Dave Raybould and Nick Dixon.

Main Skills: Sound Design, Wwise, FMOD, Pro Tools, Reaper, Unreal Engine, Unity, Studio and Field Recording, audio post-production, Logic, Max/MSP and  3D Audio. 

Additional Skills: Music composition, Orchestration, Music theory, MIDI editing, Voice Recording, Audio Mastering.

As a professional I have cultivated a holistic understanding of the game audio creation and implementation process, and the value of collaboration between team members as a key to success. I am a good listener, like a trained musician; disciplined, like a classical guitar player, resilient like a young professional making roads into a competitive industry, and creative like a music composer with a tight storage and memory budget! 

For more information about my technical skills and availability feel free to contact me at 




A project in Wwise exploring techniques for interactive music such as Vertical Layering,  Horizontal Resequencing and customized transitions.



Sound Design and Music composition. Game developed by Torque Games in Colombia.  UI, main theme, and cinematic trailers. Voice recording, Foley, editing and mixing of all the audio. The leitmotif was created to reflect the cartoonish art of the game. Implementation in Unity.



Sound Design and Music composition. Game developed by 55 Studios. Audio implementation using Wwise and Unity.

CELL FACTOR Music re design

Music re design of the game developed by immersion Games. Rock and orchestral music composed and recorded.


Pc/Oculus Rift

A game level I built using free assets from the Unity asset store to experiment with 3D audio spatialisation, implementation and possibilities for sound design and music. It was developed for Oculus Rift. 3D Audio for VR is a powerful tool to enhance the sense of immersion. It entails a different approach technically and conceptually than traditional audio. Here are some examples of 3D sound and music working together in a VR environment. Please use headphones.



Re designed Sound and composed music for the second version of this runner developed by Press Start Studios. Monkeys, bananas and the chaos of the city were a perfect recipe for a new sound. An interactive musical system developed in Wwise allows the music to respond to the player’s actions.



Patch in Max/MSP using granular synthesis, FFT convolution and tape editing process such as delay and filtering. 

The project called “The Box of Feelings” is an interactive sound application that allows a person to produce sound in real time by hitting a ball on the computer’s screen via camera tracking. Every time the ball hits one of the sides of the screen a sample (feeling) is triggered and real time FFT convolution and granular synthesis are applied. 



Sound Design and Music composition. Game developed by Torque Games. The game takes place on a beach, hence Afro Caribbean rhythms such us Champeta and Reggae seemed a perfect fit for it!



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